Portraits of the Gods

Incorporating the Lost Lands of the Phoenician-Canaanites in Peru

by William James Veall 

‘Portraits’ has been compiled in the form of a fully edited Photo - Book to publish a truly momentous and historic discovery: the discovery of a Civilisation from the region of the Lebanon who actually took up residence in... of all places... Peru in South America.

"Portraits of the Gods" is a fascinating, compulsive 'Must Read and Keep' Book written equally for the scientific mind, but also emminently suitable for the Book Collector / Investor, a personal library, or as a superb  Presentation Gift. Perfect for the great general public.

"Portraits of the Gods" contains an absolutely stunning, full colour "Art Gallery" of never before seen, filmed or photographed imagery captured by the Author using the remote satellite cameras operating from deep space.

A bilingual (English and Spanish) Hardback edition is available for purchase. Orders accepted in here.

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10 Jul 2013

Book’s Review on Phoenicia.org

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